Powerful CI/CD for SAP

Automate development workflows to rapidly and safely deploy changes from idea to production, just like the top companies in the world.

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Continuous Integration

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Nuve Platform facilitates the use of best in class tools deploy CI workflows that enable faster and safer development.

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Apply ABAP clean code guidelines and best practices with abaplint. Enforce nearly 150 rules to provide developers with fast feedback to improve their code.

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Automated the execution of ABAP unit testing to ensure tests are passing before you merge to the main branch.

Continuous Deployment

Transport management is a thing of the past

Deploy an entire project or individual features or pull requests into one single consolidated transport.

Leverage modern git tools to eliminate the need of managing hundreds of transports when deploying to production.

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Integrate Anything

Integrate any third-party tool you already use and love.

Get more value out of existing third-party test tools by combining them with the power of the Nuve Platform. Existing tools can be a great way to ensure the reliability of your applications; however, they can also easily pollute your systems by generating extensive data. With Nuve Platform, you can run your tools, view the results, and avoid polluting your central landscape.