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Nestor Lara


Nestor is passionate about merging his decade of experience in ABAP development with modern DevOps practices. Using CI/CD pipelines, he's achieved unprecedented productivity and code quality gains for SAP ERP. Nestor holds a bachelor's degree in Aerospace Engineering from MIT. In his spare time, Nestor rock climbs and builds DIY projects.

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Nathan Pinger


Nathan has over ten years of experience building companies to profitability or exit via acquisition (YCharts) and public listing. He leads the go-to-market for Nuve, holds an MBA from Chicago Booth, and studied at UW-Madison and Stanford University.

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Mary Murphy

Technical Product Manager

Mary has created applications for SAP used by over 100,000 monthly visitors. She has extensive experience in backend development as well as a tremendous functional understanding of business processes. She holds a B.S. in Enterprise systems Engineering from UIUC. Mary enjoys sailing around Lake Michigan.

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Sean Robertson

Cloud Architect

Sean has over a decade of web development experience and has previously developed SaaS applications focusing on scalability, machine learning, and DevOps. His love for all things web-related grew while studying computer science at MIT. He enjoys writing music and building furniture.

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Jialin Yang

Frontend Dev Lead

Jialin has developed over a dozen applications that connect to SAP and provide real-time data. He holds an M.S. in Information Technology and Management specializing in Software Development at IIT and a B.S. in Math and Computer Science from UIUC. Jialin enjoys life.

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Jonathan Grimm

Jonathan is the co-founder and CTO of Toast, Inc. He has led the technology development from a startup to an industry leader serving over 40,000 restaurant customers in his current role. Nuve welcomes the technical expertise and startup growth knowledge that Jonathan provides.

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Lars Hvam Petersen

Lars is a Senior SAP ABAP Developer. His job title doesn't adequately capture his extraordinary contributions to the ABAP open source movement. He is the creator of numerous open source projects, including abapGit and abaplint. Lars is a strong proponent of CI/CD for SAP and an emphatic champion of the ABAP language.

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Ernest Brooks

Ernest has over two decades of SAP implementation experience, and his expertise has evolved with the changing SAP landscape, from on-prem installations of SAP R/3 to cloud-based S/4 HANA deployments. Ernest has worked for various industries with broad skills ranging from Basis, security, DB admin, and Unix system administrator.

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Technology should serve as an engine for growth. Your team is eager to innovate, and Nuve Platform enables you to unlock that potential.