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Beyond just automation

At Nuve, we're not just about automating your tech stack, we are igniting transformation. We're on a mission to streamline your operations and breathe new life into the work experience, making every task more efficient, meaningful, and empowering.

The future is calling

The future of work is evolving with automation at its core, focusing on speedy, error-free, and consistent operations. Don't just be a spectator. Be a trendsetter. With Nuve, you'll lead the charge in this technological shift, positioning your organization as a magnet for top talent, innovation, and sustained growth.

Transformative automation

Move beyond mere adjustments, redefine the very fabric of your operational culture. By allowing developer infrastructure automation to handle the repetitive tasks, we free up your team to focus on value-added work, driving innovation and personal growth. It's not just about enhancing operations, it's about fostering a culture where every individual feels empowered and valued.

Meet the visionaries behind Nuve

Our team combines a wealth of experience in ABAP development, modern DevOps practices, cloud architecture, and frontend design.

teams nestor

Nestor Lara


Nestor brings over a decade of ABAP development experience, seamlessly blending it with modern DevOps practices to achieve unprecedented productivity and code quality gains in SAP ERP. Nestor is a proud alumnus of MIT with a bachelor's degree in Aerospace Engineering. When not revolutionizing SAP development, he enjoys rock climbing and crafting DIY projects.

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teams mary

Mary Murphy

Technical Product Manager

Mary has developed SAP applications serving over 100,000 monthly visitors. With her solid experience in backend development and deep understanding of business processes, she crafts solutions that truly serve your needs. Mary holds a B.S. in Enterprise Systems Engineering from UIUC. Away from work, she enjoys sailing on Lake Michigan.

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teams sean

Sean Robertson

Cloud Architect

With over a decade of web development experience, Sean brings a wealth of knowledge in creating scalable SaaS applications, leveraging machine learning, and implementing DevOps. He honed his passion for web technologies while studying computer science at MIT. Away from the keyboard, Sean's creativity extends to writing music and crafting furniture.

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teams jialin

Jialin Yang

Frontend Dev Lead

Jialin is the mastermind behind over a dozen applications that seamlessly connect to SAP, delivering real-time data. With an M.S. in IT and Management, specializing in Software Development from IIT, and a B.S. in Math and Computer Science from UIUC, he constantly pushes the boundaries of frontend development. In his free time, Jialin pursues the art of enjoying life to its fullest.

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Growth Enablers

teams allison

Allison Cummins

Digital Transformation

Allison brings a wealth of expertise, driven by a passion for leveraging technology to solve complex business challenges. Her career has been marked by a methodical and analytical approach to technology, systems, and processes. Her commitment to excellence and strategic vision for digital transformation are invaluable as Nuve sets new industry standards.

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teams naveen

Naveen Rokkam

Global Strategy

Naveen has a passion for delivering exemplary customer experiences. He excels in combining innovative solutions with top talent to ensure customer success. His focus on strategic initiatives supports sustainable growth and competitive advantage in the global market.

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teams mauricio

Mauricio Grossi

Enterprise Sales & Marketing

Mauricio leads with a unique blend of military discipline and proven leadership skills. As a veteran passionate about social engagement, he is dedicated to enabling successful journeys for customers. His approach not only drives sales growth but also fosters lasting relationships built on reliability and achievement.

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teams seshu

Seshu Maramreddy

Seshu is the CEO of Mygo Consulting and is passionate about making SAP accessible to every customer globally. His leadership at Mygo Consulting is marked by a relentless pursuit of cutting-edge solutions, driving operational excellence, and setting new standards within the industry. His strategic insights and innovative approach play a pivotal role as an advisor to Nuve.

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teams lars

Lars Hvam Petersen

A Senior SAP ABAP Developer, Lars' influence extends far beyond his title. An extraordinary contributor to the ABAP open source movement, Lars has created numerous open source projects, including abapGit and abaplint. An emphatic champion of the ABAP language, Lars strongly advocates for CI/CD implementation within SAP.

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teams ernest

Ernest Brooks

With more than two decades of SAP implementation experience, Ernest's expertise has dynamically evolved along with the SAP landscape. His proficiency ranges from on-prem installations of SAP R/3 to cloud-based S/4 HANA deployments. Ernest brings a comprehensive skill set to the table, including Basis, security, DB admin, and Unix system administration.

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teams jonathan

Jonathan Grimm

Co-founder of Toast and CTO of Toast.org, Jonathan has navigated the journey from startup to industry leader serving over 40,000 restaurant customers. His expertise in technology development and startup growth is an invaluable resource for Nuve.

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