Next generation platform for SAP application development

Nuve is an automation platform designed to simplify SAP infrastructure for developers.

Experience breakthrough business outcomes

Enable users from various roles to adopt cutting-edge workflows, mirroring the successful practices outside of the SAP realm, already utilized by the top 1% of IT teams.

Accelerate idea to production

Stay ahead in the ever-evolving business world. Embrace an agile development process to rapidly increase your time to market, delivering enhanced value and outpacing your competition.

Increase team productivity

Empower individual contributors to minimize technical debt, enhance validation processes, work independently without affecting others, and boost business value while maintaining existing functionality.

Minimize operational risk

Safeguard your business reputation and ensure business continuity by automatically testing code changes in a production-like environment, verifying seamless operations before deployment to production.

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What's keeping your idea from swiftly deploying to production?

Technical debt creates a bottleneck in the journey from idea to production.

Technical debt amplifies maintenance overhead and system complexity, which reduces agility and diverts resources from new development. As the cost of managing technical debt escalates, it can have a significant impact on an organization's bottom line, often reaching millions of dollars.

Lack of automated testing slows down production deployment in SAP systems.

Automated testing is vital in software development for early bug detection, faster feedback, increased confidence, reduced manual testing, and continuous integration, which together accelerate the deployment process, particularly in complex systems like SAP.

Tackling SAP's shared development system challenges.

A shared development environment in complex systems like SAP leads to issues such as increased object lock conflicts, reduced stability, difficulty in tracking changes, and slower development cycles, ultimately hampering productivity and collaboration.

Bridge the gap with modern DevOps practices.

Nuve propels SAP into the forefront of modern development, harnessing advanced infrastructure automation to incorporate tried and tested DevOps methodologies from over the past decade.

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Adopt elite development strategies with Nuve Platform.

Shrink technical debt

Engage in regular code reviews and refactoring to uphold code quality and cut down complexity, all while guaranteeing seamless day-to-day operations.

Turbocharge with automated testing

Boost deployment speed by integrating automated unit testing, amplified further with continuous integration for peak efficiency.

Embrace personal development environments

Switch to isolated development environments and version control systems to foster parallel development, enhancing productivity and fast-tracking development cycles.

Unleash continuous integration and deployment

Stay ahead in the competitive race by adopting automated workflows, a strategy used by the world's leading development teams. Use Nuve Platform to apply these powerful CI/CD workflows for ABAP and SAP.

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