Accelerating SAP Development at Heliconia Labs with Nuve


Accelerating SAP Development at Heliconia Labs with Nuve


Heliconia Labs, under the expert leadership of renowned SAP developer Lars Hvam Petersen, offers a broad range of specialized SAP services. However, setting up and maintaining the infrastructure for an SAP system posed a significant challenge. This task was not only time-consuming but also demanded in-depth knowledge of the Linux operating system, leading to an inefficient allocation of time that diverted focus away from core SAP development tasks.


Nuve’s platform emerged as the game-changing solution for Heliconia Labs. With Nuve, Lars could spin up his SAP development system in just a few minutes whenever needed, thus entirely bypassing the intricate and time-intensive process of managing the infrastructure. This shift in responsibility to Nuve enabled Lars to reallocate his efforts towards his passion and area of expertise – SAP development.


The integration of Nuve’s platform into Heliconia Labs’ operations brought about immediate and tangible benefits. With the burden of infrastructure management lifted, Heliconia Labs saw a significant increase in productivity. More importantly, it brought peace of mind to Lars, who no longer had to worry about infrastructure. Nuve’s cloud-based system further enhances flexibility, enabling access to the development system from any machine without compromising performance. And, because the system only operates when required, the costs are efficiently managed and remain very reasonable. This seamless transition to Nuve has empowered Heliconia Labs to optimize their SAP development process, streamlining workflows and effectively maximizing their resource utilization.

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