Neptune Software transforms deployment process with Nuve


At Neptune Software, IT departments and their developers are seen as the changemakers and heroes behind every business operation. This belief is fundamental to Neptune's mission: to simplify and streamline the developers’ tasks by equipping them with the leading low-code, SAP-centric enterprise app development platform – Neptune DXP SAP Edition.

Neptune DXP is a powerful solution that empowers IT teams to conserve time and resources throughout the development, integration, and operation stages. Furthermore, it excels in digitizing and optimizing business processes and user interfaces, offering remarkable ease and scalability. Ultimately, it provides developers with the tools they need to make their visions a reality.


Despite these notable achievements, a significant challenge emerged. The deployment of Neptune DXP SAP Edition to new customers and updates to existing ones primarily relied on the transport import method. DXP SAP Edition is a powerful solution, fortified by a substantial code base, but it encountered complications due to the diversity of their SAP customer ecosystem. With its myriad of ERP versions and installed component types, the deployment and updating processes of the solution became a complex task.

Neptune's goal was to ensure a seamless solution deployment. This required testing of releases in a minimal SAP environment and the capacity to simulate repetitive imports, facilitating the early identification of transport import issues. Unfortunately, the traditional test method was labor-intensive, inefficient, and prone to errors.

Given the thousands of development objects in their solution, it was essential to locate and rectify these discrepancies systematically prior to customer delivery.


To address these challenges, Neptune turned to Nuve and its cutting-edge development platform. Nuve offered a comprehensive solution that allowed Neptune to create clean systems and test their transport import process within minutes, drastically boosting their testing efficiency.

"Thanks to Nuve's systems, we're now able to anticipate and resolve issues before they reach our customers. The on-demand environments provides us with a level of flexibility previously out of our reach, enabling us to refine our solutions further. This undoubtedly enriches the quality of our product."

– Thorsten Wolf, Chief Architect Neptune DXP

When issues were identified, Nuve's system acted as a sandbox, enabling Neptune to experiment and quickly address inconsistencies. This ability, coupled with the capacity to manage thousands of SAP objects, empowered Neptune to detect and correct these inconsistencies pre-delivery, thereby enhancing the quality of their product.

A key advantage of Nuve's solution was the use of isolated development environments for testing, thereby maintaining Neptune's central SAP system's integrity. This ensured their infrastructure stayed undisturbed while facilitating an advanced and thorough product development process.


Nuve's implementation led to transformative improvements in Neptune Software's release and deployment process. Their ability to identify and eliminate transport inconsistencies during the import phase greatly elevated the quality of their solution. This, in turn, resulted in a substantial reduction in error rates and an evident enhancement in the final product delivered to customers.

Nuve's streamlined development process not only boosted efficiency but also enabled Neptune's team to dedicate their efforts to other value-added tasks.

Nuve's solution dramatically improved Neptune Software's release and deployment processes, illustrating the immense potential of utilizing the right tools to increase efficiency, elevate output, and heighten customer satisfaction.

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Neptune Software offers with its Neptune DXP a leading low-code, SAP-centric, enterprise app development platform to digitize and optimize business processes and user interfaces – at scale and with ease.

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