Redfig merges speed and efficiency with Nuve



In an era where technology evolves rapidly, Redfig has been a catalyst for businesses seeking innovation. With a robust offering of full-service cloud software solutions, they leverage SAP's Business Technology Platform (BTP) to provide modern, mobile-friendly web applications.

Redfig's commitment to universal compatibility shines as they accommodate varied client needs, including both ECC and S/4HANA systems, without any system prerequisites. Their challenge? To consistently deliver these efficient solutions across multifaceted backend systems, and within a fast time frame of just 30 days.


Redfig's drive to boost reliability and accelerate delivery found a perfect ally in Nuve. Our collaboration empowered them with:

  • System provisioning in minutes: Thanks to Nuve, Redfig now can rapidly initiate ECC and S/4HANA systems, dramatically reducing setup times and allowing extensive testing across various SAP landscapes prior to actual client deployment.

  • Cost-efficient model: True to their dedication to value, Redfig bypassed the typical 24/7 system uptime. Instead, they tapped into the Nuve Platform's adaptability, running SAP systems only when necessary. This shift perfectly complements their technology as a competitive advantage ethos.

  • Effortless cloud integration: Redfig's modern business approach hinges on intuitive front ends. Nuve's automation effortlessly facilitated the installation and setup of cloud connectors in minutes. This smooth integration empowered Redfig to advance their cloud-centric collaborations and bolster ERP capabilities.

"Nuve's on-demand SAP solutions brought about a revolution at Redfig. The financial advantages were clear, but the real success is in enhancing our agility and customer-centric focus." - Olavo Figueiredo, Partner at Redfig


The collaboration with Nuve ushered in:

  1. Redfig has enhanced its operational flexibility, making it even easier for their clients to tap into the potential of advanced cloud solutions.
  2. Redfig brilliantly merges the agility of modern tech with the solid foundation of traditional ERP, all evident in their cutting-edge web applications.
  3. They've strengthened their business workflows, ensuring everything runs smoothly, securely, and in perfect harmony.

The path ahead

If digital transformation is on your agenda, look to Redfig. Their expansive suite, including the B2B Portal, Service Chat, and Plant Operation and Maintenance applications, fortified by bespoke solutions, is all set to elevate your SAP journey. With Redfig as your partner, the future is yours to shape!

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