Smart automation, smarter pricing

You might be scratching your head, wondering how we pulled off pricing this affordable. You get 30 hours of instance time per month. But don't bounce just yet—this is more awesome than it sounds, trust us. The key is automation.

Make the most of your hours

First up, each month you get 30 hours to hack away on an instance. But hey, we get it—life gets busy and sometimes you forget to shut things down.

That's where our automation saves the day. Each instance you start will delete itself after 3 hours, making sure you don't accidentally burn through your time.

Keep the vibe, extend the time

Feel like you're in the zone and 3 hours just won't cut it? No worries. You can easily extend your session. One simple click and you've got more time to keep coding.

What about my code?

You might be wondering, "What happens to my code when the instance deletes?" Easy answer: abapGit and Git have got your back. If you're coding, best practice is to use a Git platform like GitHub—it's the modern way to go and keeps your code safe and sound. Ready to pick up where you left off? Just pull your code back into your new instance with abapGit. No sweat.

And hey, if you're looking to keep that instance state around, just take a backup. Seriously, it doesn't get easier than this.

Ideal for your daily grind

Let's be honest, most developers aren't glued to SAP all day. Usually, a 3-hour session is plenty to get in, break some things, learn, and get out. So dive in and code to your heart's content. Need more time? Just extend your session. It's as simple as that.

Need more hours? Just holler

Got a big project and 30 hours won't cut it? We hear you. Just reach out to us and we can add more hours to your account. It's that simple.

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☑️ Customers love Nuve

"Thanks to Nuve, I no longer worry about SAP infrastructure management. I'm free to focus on my true passion—SAP development. I'm not just more productive, I have peace of mind."

— Lars Hvam Petersen, Heliconia Labs

"The on-demand environments provides us with a level of flexibility previously out of our reach, enabling us to refine our solutions further. This undoubtedly enriches the quality of our product."

— Thorsten Wolf, Chief Architect Neptune DXP

"Nuve's on-demand SAP solutions brought about a revolution at Redfig. The financial advantages were clear, but the real success is in enhancing our agility and customer-centric focus."

— Olavo Figueiredo, Partner at Redfig