Buried in routine SAP Basis tasks?

Reclaim your time to focus on security, optimization, and other high value work.

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Missing out on what really matters

Most SAP Basis professionals are swamped with routine tasks that tend to pile up, overshadowing critical responsibilities like security and optimization. They report feeling like they're just keeping the lights on instead of making meaningful proactive contributions.

The IT world is now moving to generative AI and LLM, but the vast majority of Basis tasks are done manually. This includes system copies, refreshes, rollbacks, and transport management. These are tedious and time-consuming tasks that while necessary can be automated.

The shift

What if you could get those routine tasks off your plate and refocus on improving security and system optimization? Imagine the innovation and peace of mind you could achieve.

Basis management is not easy, but routine tasks are repetitive. This means they are built on rules, rules that can be recorded and mapped, and automated. Leading organizations are already reaping the benefits of enterprise developer infrastructure automation.

Enter Nuve Platform

We take care of the routine SAP Basis task of creating development systems, outside of the central SAP Landscape. This frees you up to concentrate on strategic priorities like security and optimization.

This isn't aspirational—it's essential. In a landscape where every second counts, automating routine tasks isn't a luxury. It's a necessity.

Ready to shift your SAP Basis team's focus where it really matters?

Let Nuve Platform handle the routine tasks so you can zero in on security and optimization.

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What specific routine SAP Basis tasks can be automated using Nuve?

Nuve specializes in automating tasks such as creating, deleting, pausing, resuming, and backing up systems that operate outside the central SAP landscape. These systems are comparable to sandbox environments, providing a space for development, testing, projects, and experimental work.

How does automating routine tasks with Nuve help SAP Basis professionals?

The SAP Basis role is intricate, primarily centering on maintaining production uptime and security, as well as ensuring the development (DEV) and quality assurance (QAS) environments are functioning well. Given these critical responsibilities, Basis professionals often find their attention diverted by various routine tasks. Automating these routine tasks through the Nuve enables Basis professionals to devote more of their time and energy to their core responsibilities, which have a significant impact on the business.

What kind of impact does automation have on security and system optimization?

Automation of routine tasks alleviates the workload on the Basis team, allowing them more time to concentrate on enhancing security measures and optimizing system performance. These crucial tasks benefit significantly from human expertise and judgment. As improvements are made, they can be integrated back into the automated tasks, creating a cycle of continuous enhancement and efficiency. Additionally, given the rapidly evolving nature of technology, SAP Basis professionals, along with the rest of the IT world, frequently find themselves navigating uncharted waters with tasks that are both novel and untested. The temporary and flexible characteristics of SAP systems on Nuve create an ideal environment for conducting trials aimed at enhancing security measures and optimizing system performance.

In what ways does Nuve differ from other SAP Basis task management tools?

Nuve stands out as a user-friendly, self-service platform designed specifically for managing systems that operate outside the central SAP landscape. It's tailored to be straightforward enough that users don't need any Basis knowledge to navigate and utilize it effectively. That said, depending on how your organization is set up, it might still be beneficial for the Basis team to oversee and control access to the tool.

What does the Nuve actually do, and how does it integrate with the central SAP Landscape?

Nuve streamlines the process of setting up SAP systems with the necessary data for development purposes, all taking place outside the central SAP landscape. This approach allows developers the freedom to experiment and develop without the risk of affecting others or having to transfer multiple transports from the development (DEV) environment to the quality assurance (QAS) environment. Consequently, the QAS system can fulfill its intended purpose—quality assurance—rather than being used as a mix of development and QA, which is a common practice today. It's important to note that systems on Nuve are not directly connected to the central SAP Landscape. However, you can transfer code and configurations to the central SAP landscape using tools like abapGit (which is the recommended method) or through SAP transports.

Can you provide examples of the benefits leading organizations have seen from enterprise stack automation?

Leading organizations have experienced a variety of benefits from implementing enterprise stack automation, including accelerated development timelines, enhanced error detection capabilities, and a more positive developer experience. These improvements contribute to more efficient workflows, higher quality output, and increased satisfaction among team members.

Why is it essential to automate routine SAP Basis tasks?

Given the increasing prevalence of cybersecurity threats, it's crucial for SAP Basis professionals to allocate more of their time and energy to high-value tasks that fortify system security. Routine tasks can divert attention and resources away from these crucial efforts. Recognizing this, leading organizations are turning to automation for these routine tasks, thereby freeing up SAP Basis professionals to focus on enhancing security and adding value to their systems.

How does Nuve contribute to innovation and peace of mind for SAP Basis professionals?

Nuve empowers SAP Basis professionals with the ability to experiment confidently, knowing they can easily revert back if needed. Picture the convenience of testing the implementation of a note or add-on, with the option to quickly reset the system and start afresh if any issues arise. Additionally, Nuve enables secure testing without any risk of adverse effects on other users. The advantages of using Nuve aren't limited to Basis professionals; configurators, functional consultants, and developers can all benefit as well. The core feature that makes this possible is the ability to swiftly provision and dismantle isolated systems, ensuring a flexible and risk-free testing environment.

Are there any prerequisites or requirements for using Nuve to automate SAP Basis tasks?

Nuve is compatible with any SAP system that can be hosted on-premise, as well as with the majority of major cloud hyperscalers. This ensures flexibility and accessibility for various hosting preferences and requirements.