Dev system setup too complex?

Setting up an SAP system is a challenging and time-consuming endeavor.

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Focus on what you love: developing

Setting up a development environment can be complex, particularly when you're dealing with tools like AWS, Docker, SSL certificates, and additional requirements specific to SAP. This process not only consumes time but often demands a level of expertise that could be better utilized in actual development tasks. And let's not forget: the hardware requirements for running SAP, even ABAP Platform, are often beyond what a typical PC or laptop can handle. While we advocate for a basic understanding of these technologies, there's no need to be an expert. We've got you covered.

The shift

Development systems are meant to aid the process, not hinder it. Imagine if you could emulate the efficiency of modern developers, possessing the ability to create, delete, and refresh systems with fresh data in just a matter of minutes. This change would shift your focus back to where it belongs—on development—freeing you from the technical and operational burdens of dev system maintenance.

Enter Nuve Platform

Leave the hosting of your development system to us and focus on what you do best: development. While we advocate for a basic understanding of system fundamentals, you can trust us to manage all the nitty-gritty details. From creating and deleting instances, to restarting systems, enabling web access, and handling almost every other aspect of hosting or infrastructure, we've got it all covered. This way, your time and energy are freed up for your core work.

Ready to shift your SAP Basis team's focus where it really matters?

Let Nuve Platform handle the routine tasks so you can zero in on security and optimization.

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1. What challenges do developers face when setting up an SAP development environment?

While ABAP Platform is accessible via Docker Hub, developers often encounter significant challenges due to its substantial system requirements, which may exceed the capabilities of a typical personal computer. Furthermore, managing and running the system presents a steep learning curve, diverting valuable time and focus away from coding and development tasks.

2. Why is it important for developers to focus more on developing rather than setting up the environment?

Ultimately, the choice is yours. If your system has the capacity to run ABAP Platform and you're willing to invest the time, we fully support and encourage you to go for it—we've even put together some handy blogs to help you along the way. On the other hand, if you'd prefer a hassle-free option, Nuve offers affordable hosting plans to take care of the setup for you, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best: developing.

3. How can the hardware requirements for running SAP systems be a limitation for developers?

The ABAP Platform necessitates dedicating a minimum of 16GB of memory to Docker and roughly 75GB of available disk space. This demand can pose a significant challenge for many developers, especially those who rely on laptops with limited capacity. Desktop computers, which might offer more flexibility for memory and storage upgrades, could be a more feasible option in such cases.

4. How does Nuve streamline development for ABAPers?

By handling the hosting and maintenance of your SAP system, Nuve frees you up to concentrate solely on your development work.

5. What technical and infrastructure responsibilities does Nuve take on for hosting SAP systems?

Nuve manages the entire infrastructure on a hyperscaler, taking care of the virtual machine, VPC, backups, and more. We also implement automation to safeguard against additional costs, ensuring that the system is deleted when not in use to prevent unnecessary expenses.

6. What benefits can developers experience by using Nuve for their SAP development needs?

Nuve not only offers a cost-effective and predictable pricing model for the ABAP platform, but also streamlines the development process. We pre-install abapGit, set up SSL certificates for secure Fiori access, and handle backup management. This way, developers can concentrate fully on their coding tasks.

7. In what ways does Nuve align with the needs of modern developers working on SAP systems?

Nuve is tailored to meet the requirements of today’s developers, especially those working on SAP systems, by supporting the common practice of coding in short, iterative sprints. Furthermore, it promotes the use of Git for efficient code management. Nuve’s hosting environment is specifically designed to not only facilitate the adoption of Git but also to encourage the utilization of contemporary linting tools like abaplint. This helps developers transition smoothly to modern workflows and enhances their overall coding experience.

8. How does having a basic understanding of system fundamentals complement the use of Nuve for SAP development?

Grasping the basics of system fundamentals can greatly improve your ability to use Nuve for SAP development. With this foundational knowledge, you can more effectively navigate and implement modern development workflows, enhancing your overall productivity and efficiency in the process.

9. What aspects of SAP system maintenance does Nuve Platform take care of for developers?

Nuve takes care of the essential maintenance tasks for you. We manage the SSL certificates, ensuring secure access to Fiori through HTTPS. We also assist in updating the developer license as needed and make sure your system is deleted when it's not being used to avoid unnecessary costs and resources consumption.