Facing red tape for your POC?

Complex approvals are often required for a POC in SAP environments.

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Streamline your path to a POC

If you create SAP add-on solutions, you're probably familiar with the sales stage where a prospect is eager for a Proof of Concept (POC), but bureaucratic hurdles start to pile up. This added friction can jeopardize your hard work and potentially cost you a sale, especially since you don't have control over the customer's environment. They have valid concerns about system security and data privacy, but imagine if you could sidestep these challenges and offer your POC in a controlled environment. This would let your prospects concentrate on the essential part—evaluating your solution in action and making a well-informed decision about your product.

The shift

You're eager to display what your product can do, but often, it requires substantial time, resources, and the green light from your prospect's IT team, risking potential sales. Now, picture a scenario where you could quickly set up a system and grant the customer exclusive access to experience your solution firsthand. This approach streamlines the process, allowing you to demonstrate your product's value with ease and efficiency.

Enter Nuve Platform

Nuve empowers you to swiftly set up a demo system, enabling your customers to try out your solution independently of their IT department. This regains your control over the sales journey and accelerates the sales cycle. Thanks to our sophisticated automation, you can decide the operational hours of the demo system, pausing it during downtime to make the POC more cost-effective. Additionally, you have the option to schedule the conclusion of the POC, after which the system will automatically delete itself.

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What challenges do companies face when trying to provide a Proof of Concept (POC) in SAP environments?

Typically, the process involves installing the tool or add-on directly onto the customer's development system. This can lead to long approval processes and thorough checks by the customer's IT team, potentially causing significant delays in the sales journey.

How can the sales process for SAP add-on solutions be impacted by bureaucratic hurdles?

The annual budgeting process can impact the sales of SAP add-on solutions. If bureaucratic hurdles slow down or halt the prospect's ability to evaluate and test the POC, there could be significant delays, possibly resulting in missed opportunities within that budgeting cycle.

Why is it important to streamline the POC process in SAP environments?

Streamlining the POC process in SAP environments is crucial because it enables prospects to quickly and efficiently test the tool in a demo system under your control. This approach helps to bypass lengthy approval procedures and prevents unnecessary delays in the sales cycle, ultimately facilitating a smoother and faster decision-making process.

How can Nuve simplify the POC process for SAP add-on solutions?

Nuve streamlines the POC process for SAP add-on solutions by allowing you to swiftly set up demo systems. This enables potential customers to have a hands-on experience with your tool, helping them to quickly understand its value. Furthermore, you can schedule the operational hours of the demo system to manage costs effectively. This direct engagement with your tool not only enhances the customer experience but also positively impacts your sales process.

What role does the customer's IT department play in the traditional POC process for SAP add-ons?

In the traditional Proof of Concept (POC) process for SAP add-ons, the customer's IT department plays a crucial role in evaluating and installing the tool. They need to thoroughly vet the tool to ensure it meets security and compliance standards, which is essential but can also be time-consuming. Since most IT teams have a long list of priorities, this additional task might not be at the top of their list, potentially leading to delays in your sales cycle. In some instances, especially when the security risk is minimal, this process can feel like an unnecessary hurdle.

How does Nuve help in regaining control over the sales journey?

Nuve enables you to circumvent reliance on the customer's IT department by offering direct access to a demo or Proof of Concept (POC) that is under your control. This approach streamlines the process and ensures a smoother sales journey.

In what ways does Nuve contribute to making the POC process more cost-effective?

Nuve offers the ability to meticulously manage the operation times and lifespan of your demo systems, ensuring that you only incur costs when necessary. This precise control contributes to a more economical POC process. Additionally, some clients opt to transfer the hosting expenses to their customers, as this can be more cost-effective than the labor and resources required from the customer's IT team.

What advantages does exclusive customer access to a demo system provide during the POC stage?

Granting customers direct and exclusive access to a demo system for hands-on experience fosters a personal connection with your tool and allows them to see its value in action. This practical engagement often speaks louder than words, offering a clear and tangible demonstration of what your tool can do.