Agile in Practice - Dealing With Scope Creep

How we learned to recognize scope creep and manage it.


Agile in Practice - Release Big Stuff in Chunks

A big project stalled and we re-started it by splitting it up into smaller pieces.


That's Impossible! New S/4HANA Demo Techniques That Will Challenge Your Beliefs

It's time to reset your belief systems around modifying and demoing SAP.


Agile in Practice - Peace of Mind with Hotfixes

Adding a hotfix workflow to our toolkit inspried confidence in both our development workflow as well as our release procedures.


Agile in Practice - Solving Release Quality Issues

A QA environment and git workflow improved our production releases, establishing confidence and minimizing risks and bugs.


Agile in Practice - Automated Code Checks

Some examples of automated code checks, and when it makes sense to implement them.


Agile in Practice - Git Version Control

How and why we started using Git at the very beginning of our journey with the tool.


Agile in Practice - Why Isolated Development Environments?

How isolated development environments enabled fast, high quality development with good economics.


Agile in Practice - Where We Started

Nuve started with a bare-bones agile development setup. This post walks through the basic elements and why each was included.


Getting started with abaplint

Learn the benefits that come from applying modern development principles to ABAP development.


Nuve Platform Product Roadmap

This blog post serves as a high-level overview of upcoming features and functionality of Nuve Platform.


Nuve Platform Architecture Overview

At a high level, Nuve Platform consists of two main components, the API and the SAP containers. Learn the options for managing and hosting your SAP container instances.


Accelerate Developer Productivity

Learn how to improve developer productivity, the catalyst for building and scaling high-performing technology and organizations.


Top 5 Development Headaches and How to Make Your Life Easier

Chances are you have at least one of these pain points in the SAP space. Luckily, we can mitigate or eliminate these issues with modern technology.


Infrastructure as Code, DevOps, and the Future of Enterprise

Modern DevOps relies on spinning up a server in minutes to run automated tests and ensure the code is safe to move to production.


A Practical Guide to DevOps for SAP ERP

We've been applying DevOps for SAP to our product development and couldn't be happier with the results.


Why Bad Implementations Can Disrupt Budgets Across Fiscal Years

While the value of digital commerce is without question, a bad implementation will compromise your competitive place in the market for years to come.


Our Journey with SAP ERP DevOps

The 2006 release of SAP ERP 6.0 predates Docker's initial release by seven years! The two technologies are geared towards different scenarios: think monolithic on-premise server vs. cloud-native microservices. What could be gained by combining the two? Software development teams outside of the SAP ecosystem are years ahead in leveraging DevOps ideas, automated testing/continuous integration, and modern version control tools (i.e., GitHub) to realize tremendous productivity and quality gains. Containerizing ERP would be a considerable step towards accessing these advantages for ABAP development.


Top 3 Reasons Custom Software Projects Fail

TL;DR: Building good software is difficult. Faster, better, cheaper for custom software is a myth. If you want good software, find an existing customizable solution for your business needs.