Efficient ABAPing

Learn how to make the most of your development time with ABAP Platform on Nuve's personal plan. Learn about 3-hour instance limits, easy time extensions, and the perks of using abapGit.

Nestor LaraOctober 18, 2023


Beyond the basics with ABAP platform

Enhance your ABAP platform experience by mastering the Cloud Connector, managing storage volumes, and overcoming challenges.

Nestor LaraAugust 24, 2023


Getting started with the ABAP platform trial

ABAP Platform is back on Docker Hub. This guide covers Docker setup for the ABAP Platform and steps to connect using the containerized system.

Nestor LaraAugust 17, 2023


A look into ABAP unit testing approaches

We explore two methods of ABAP testing - using real data and test doubles. Learn their advantages, drawbacks, and ideal scenarios, providing a comprehensive understanding of how to effectively implement these strategies for robust and efficient testing.

Nestor LaraJune 12, 2023


The role of unit testing in ABAP code refactoring

Unlock the power of unit tests for successful code refactoring in this deep dive into a real-world ABAP example.

Nestor LaraJune 9, 2023


Principles and practices of ABAP unit testing

This guide offers a detailed discussion on principles and practices vital to efficient unit testing within ABAP, advocating for code quality and reliability. By applying these insights, developers can ensure more robust, efficient, and resilient applications.

Nestor LaraJune 8, 2023


Fundamentals of ABAP unit testing

Dive into the world of ABAP Unit testing in SAP, exploring the fundamentals of testing, setting up and configuring tests, and understanding risk levels and test durations.

Nestor LaraApril 23, 2023


Object lock showdown

Explore the challenges of SAP object locks, the impact on productivity, and the benefits of using isolated environments.

Nestor LaraApril 4, 2023


Handling SAP cross-version compatibility

Manage only one codebase across SAP versions.

Nestor LaraApril 2, 2023


Nuve Platform architecture overview

At a high level, Nuve Platform consists of two main components, the API and the SAP containers. Learn the options for managing and hosting your SAP container instances.

Nestor LaraDecember 9, 2022