A practical guide to DevOps for SAP ERP

Applying modern development methods to legacy ERP

Published December 17, 2021


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Infrastructure as code, DevOps, and the future of enterprise

Modern DevOps relies on spinning up a server in minutes to run automated tests and ensure the code is safe to move to production.


Our journey with SAP ERP DevOps

The 2006 release of SAP ERP 6.0 predates Docker's initial release by seven years! The two technologies are geared towards different scenarios: think monolithic on-premise server vs. cloud-native microservices. What could be gained by combining the two? Software development teams outside of the SAP ecosystem are years ahead in leveraging DevOps ideas, automated testing/continuous integration, and modern version control tools (i.e., GitHub) to realize tremendous productivity and quality gains. Containerizing ERP would be a considerable step towards accessing these advantages for ABAP development.


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A solid overview of parallel development in 25 minutes.