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An overview of how to develop in parallel isolated SAP development systems

Published March 28, 2023


Session: DevOps for SAP with Isolated Development Environments

Nestor Lara, Nuve's CEO, and Mary Murphy, Technical Product Manager, show how to develop faster with higher code quality using isolated SAP development environments for each developer or each team.

Detailed agenda with timestamps are available at the bottom of the post.

Testimonials and Feedback

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Detailed Agenda with Timestamps


Presentation Overview


Why Use Isolated Dev Environments?

The High Level Playbook

Isolated Environments



How It Works

Demonstration - Starting a New Isolated Dev System

Benefits of Production Like Data

Benefits of a Clean SAP Landscape

Distributed Development

Overview and Benefits

Demonstration - Non-Blocking Parallel Work

Continuous Integration: Git, Testing and Version Control When Dev Speeds Up

Demonstration - Continuous Integration (CI) Workflow



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