Introducing Backups with Nuve Platform

Manage multiple SAP environments with Backups

Published March 21, 2023


Background: What Backups Are and How They’re Used

Earlier this year we introduced backups to the platform.  It's a way to save different versions of your SAP system with data and configuration.  Initially, we introduced this feature to help save work in case of a system crash, but we've found it has other purposes.

Maybe your team is preparing for two demos at the same time. You can build out unique configuration and data for each and store two backups. Perhaps your organization has two separate, high-priority projects that may overlap in the objects or integrations that they touch. Typically with one development system, the projects would get executed sequentially, as to avoid interfering with each other. With fully self-serviced backups, it’s easy to run multiple projects in parallel. You can create two separate SAP Instances, and store progress in a backup. If your system needs are less complex, you may only need one backup that get’s updated as needed.

How Backups Work

The list of your systems and their backups are found on the Backups page. Nuve users can start a new SAP instance using any of their backups within 10 minutes by clicking the "Create Instance" button on this page. Below is an example of what we currently have on our Nuve team’s Backup page.

List of SAP system backups on Nuve Platform Backups page

In order to create a new backup, an Instance must be running. From the Instance tile, click the Backup icon (seen outlined in red below).

List of SAP system backups on Nuve Platform Backups page

Fill out the description with any useful project or feature details.  Remember to save any SAP work first.

List of SAP system backups on Nuve Platform Backups page

The SAP Instance will shutdown, the backup will be taken, and the system will start up again.  The whole process will take up to 20 minutes.  Once the backup is ready, it will appear on the Backups page.  If you have multiple backups, there is an option to delete.

We are planning on providing a “Backup and Shutdown” option, which will be a great way to save work at the end of the day and save costs by shutting down a system that is not currently in use.

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